-restores the elasticity of the ligaments
-improves mobility of the knee
-reduces pain when walking and at rest

The technology was developed at the Research Institute of Medical Technology in 2005.

The knee band was created in collaboration with the Nordic Walking Association

The knee band was tested in the Biomechanics Laboratory.

The uniqueness of the technology lies in the elastic elements that are sewn into the knee band (point compression elements). These elements have a reflex effect on the area of the knee joint.

Maximum efficiency
5 elements restore the knee joint function as efficiently as possible
Restores the work of the knee joint even with a inactive lifestyle.
Confirmed by the research of the National Institute of Nordic Walking and the Research Institute of Medical Technology.
Study Protocol No. 17 of 08.08.2020
Reviews on the use

- with an old meniscus tear (video 1)
- chronic pain in the knee joint (video 2)
Who did we create the knee band for?
  • People of the senior age group
    With age-related problems and chronic joint diseases
  • People after injuries
    When practicing after an injury to reduce the risk of re-injury
  • Professional and amateur athletes
    To increase the effectiveness of the training process and the highest result
  • The instructors of Nordic walking
    To relieve tension and fatigue of the knees, to avoid unnecessary stress and injury
When and why do you need to use a knee band?
  • To improve the mobility and performance of the knee joint

    The knee band increases the flexibility of the ligaments, improves the blood supply to the knee joint, thereby improving the performance of the knee joint both at rest and during exercise.
  • So that the knees do not hurt during exercise and walking
    With the improvement of the knee joint, the pain is reduced and the efficiency of exercise and walking increases.
  • So that the knees don't hurt after workout
    Improving the work of the joint during training allows you to practice without injuries and tension in the knees. Therefore, the knees hurt less after workouts.
  • To remove the heaviness and swelling in the knees. The knees become light
    Improving the lymph flow and blood flow in the knee joint does not allow excess fluid to accumulate in this area, and there is no swelling.
  • To improve the effectiveness of Nordic walking.
    The knee band is designed specifically to allow the knee joint to receive sufficient blood supply to work during exercise, thereby increasing the metabolism in the joint tissues.
Alexander Mamontov
Director of the Development Department of the Nordic Walking Association
"I recommend everyone to use a knee band. This will allow you to restore mobility, reduce pain, increase the effectiveness of training, it is easier to carry intense workout, get rid of heaviness in the knees."
The project received the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and is recommended for use in professional sports of high achievements
Deineko Vadim
rehabilitologist, Candidate of Biological Sciences, professional athlete
"The use of a knee band with point compression in practice allowes you to quickly restore your knees after injuries and loads. The knee band gives a quick effect and is easy to use. I recommend it to everyone."
What are the differences between
our knee bands and others
  • 1
    It does not constrict or squeeze the joint, does not block the flow of blood and lymph
  • 2
    Point compression, like point massage, reflexively acts only on certain areas of the knee joint, and not on the entire joint as a whole
  • 3
    The only knee band that according to orthopedic doctors improves joint performance during walking and running
  • 4
    The knee band is not felt on the leg and can be used continuously for a long time during the day and night, which increases efficiency
What are the effects of wearing knee bands?
Increased joint mobility
Dystrophic and degenerative processes in the knee occur due to the fact that the cartilage tissue loses its properties. It becomes less flexible. You will be surprised how quickly you can feel the improvement in joint mobility when wearing our knee band. By increasing the lymph flow and blood flow in this area, the adjacent tendons, ligaments and muscles are strengthened. And this is the key to improving mobility.
The joint will stop crunching
Osteoarthritis is a disease of the joints with a gradual destruction of the cartilage tissue. It would seem that this is a senile disease, but the process of dystrophy often makes itself felt even before the first wrinkles appear. This is expressed in a crunch when bending-extending the knee. Wearing knee bands strengthens the muscles, aligns and stabilizes the joint, which absorbs the force of shocks that are transmitted to the joints, thereby providing the joint with stability and helps to completely get rid of the crunch in the joint.
With prolonged use, it promotes the restoration of cartilage
If the leg remains at rest for a long time, then the synovial fluid in the knee joint ceases to be produced at all. Also, often with inflammatory processes, you can not load the leg. Because of the acupressure, wearing a knee band as a warming massage allows you to start the processes of synovial fluid production, which contributes to the partial restoration of cartilage, by increasing the lymph flow and blood flow.
Promotes Pain Relief
The task of the knee band is to reduce inflammation and relieve pain, point compression universally helps to cope with pain of any origin - arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, the consequences of injuries, bursitis, torn ligaments, meniscus damage, etc.
Size range of knee bands
  • 1
    Size S
    Suitable for people with a leg volume above the knee up to 36-37 cm
  • 2
    Size M
    Suitable for people with a leg volume above the knee from 36 to 42-43 cm
  • 3
    Size L
    Suitable for people with a leg volume above the knee from 42 to 50 cm
  • 4
    Size XL
    Suitable for people with a leg volume above the knee from 47 to 62 cmП
  • 5
    Individual size
    We can make a knee band according to your size - call us or leave a request. If you are not sure about the size, you can come to our office and try on the knee band to choose the exact size.
The cost of knee bands with point compression

If you do not like using the knee band,
you can return it within 14 days and we will refund your money
One knee band
3 250 rubles.
Two knee bands
6 500 руб - 5 490 rubles.
Our partners are professional stores:
Our team is professionals with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Alexander Mamontov
    Head of the Russian Nordic Walking Association
    I work in the project called Moscow Longevity with an older age group, the use of knee bands with point compression in practice for sports, in particular Nordic walking, allows you to join the exercises and walking much faster and better without pain after loads on the knee joints.
  • Sergey Starikov
    Candidate of Medical Sciences
    Colonel of the Medical Service
    The problems of sports rehabilitation, which we constantly face, force us to look for extraordinary approaches with ever-increasing demands. I am glad that Russia has a team of researchers and scientists who solve these problems. Our Innovative Medicine Club is always happy to welcome such experts in its community. I use in my practice products based on point compression technology, which have shown themselves to be positive for the treatment of joint problems. The use of point compression in combination with basic methods of therapy is one of the most promising areas of physical rehabilitation.
  • Yuri N. Orlov
    Moscow Power Engineering Institute Department of "Safety and Effectiveness of Medical Devices", Head of the Department Scientific Secretary of the All-Russian Research Institute of Medical Technology, VNIIMT
    I am glad that I am involved in the development of the concept of point compression technology. I am glad that the Expert Council of the Institute of Medical Technology highly appreciated the prospects of point compression technology. A decision was made to support this method and introduce it into general practice.
History of development
We are proud that the point compression technology is developed technology in Russia! Leading scientists from the Russian Research Institute of Medical Technology, the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University and leading orthopedists participated in the creation of knee bands. Knee bands and built-in point compression elements are fully manufactured in Russia! Our company has been successfully engaged in the production of innovative products for many years, and we are glad that our product line is constantly expanding!
Any other questions?
Any other questions?
Ask them to us.
We are constantly improving our technology and we will be happy to answer anything that interests you.
The cost of knee bands with point compression

If you do not like using the knee band,
you can return it within 14 days and we will refund your money
One knee band
3 250 rubles.
Two knee bands
6 500 руб - 5 490 rubles.
You can come to our office and try on the knee bands to choose the exact size.

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