Sportswear of the future
for increasing endurance
and fast recovery after training

Endurance +40%
Recovery is 2 times faster
Reduction of muscle pain
Result +20%
How does it work?
We invented the DOT - flat elastic element, that we integrate into our sportswear.

It interacts with human body, catches micro-vibrations of it and returns them back. This improves body circulation and lymph flow.

This allows you to improve tissue nutrition in the area of dot compression, both during activity and during rest (static position).That improves muscle function.

Dot compression technology advantages

  • Fast results

    Visible after 1 day of use
  • Eco-friendly and safe
    Non-toxic, non-addictive, recommended by doctors
  • Simple and accessibly
    Simple and convenient to use. Can be used continuously
  • The uniqueness of the technology
    Absence of analogues in the world
Where the technology can be used
At the moment, we are developing
in several key areas
If you have any suggestions for using the technology in other areas, write to us
  • Professional sports. High performance sport
    A professional athlete gets the result, because he can extend his workouts and not get tired.
    And he can keep himself at the peak of shape for longer time.
    We work with coaches, teams and national teams. We bring athletes to peak shape in a short time. We increase the results by 5-30%. Our athletes have already won prizes in local and world championships.
  • Amateur sports and fitness
    Amateurs can get passionate about sports, because the muscles hurt less after workours.

    Sportswear for increased training efficiency and maximum performance for amateur athletes. Clothing to reduce injury during training.
  • Rehabilitation and recovery after injuries and operations
    Can aid in the rehabilitation process after joint and connective tissue surgery, including joint replacement. Can ease recuperation of minor muscle sprains, fractures, bruises. May help reduce inflammation and ease joint mobility issues associated with aging
What are the results of professional athletes

In 2019, the project was supported by the Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation as important for the development of the industry.
This made it possible to increase the speed of project implementation and launch production in 2020.
Project support made it possible to interact with professional athletes and enter the international market.

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Unique technology created by an outstanding team of professionals
Kirill Orlov
Head of the company
Biophysicist, inventor
The author of the concept of point compression
Alexandr Mamontov
Head of Communication Department SportDots

Biomechanics Specialist
Head of the Russian Association of Scandinavian Walking
Sergei Starikov
Manages the implementation and research program of SportDots
Neurologist-rehabilitologist, kmn, associate professor
Yakov Kostuchenko
Supervised the SportDots test program
Honored trainer of the USSR
Author of training methods for athletes of the Olympic team
The history of the creation of SportDots technology
from 2005
from 2005
Primary studies of muscle biophysical activity
Formation of the concept of point compression
The concept was formulated as an interaction on muscles in the places of greatest activity
The development of this concept took a whole year to determine the methods of reflex action that can satisfy the requested criteria.
Research at the Institute of Medical Technology
Obtaining the first biophysical results of using point compression
Development of elements of point compression and refinement of the technique
Choice of the optimal solution from more than 10 options
june 2018
june 2018
Obtaining the first prototypes of clothing for laboratory tests
Biomechanics research in relation to compression garments
Partnership with an international team of researchers and recruiting experts
Working with Olympic athletes in Russia and the USA
Research of results in professional athletes
Obtaining serial samples of clothing for various sports
Within the Moscow innovation cluster
Project support by the Moscow Innovation Agency and the Sports Innovation Cluster
Recognition of the project as one of the best in the field of sports innovation
Market launch of individual elements and work with sports organizations
Working with associations, federations
Market launch of a wide range of sportswear with point compression
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